Rules of Competition

  • The competition shall be conducted both virtually and physically.
  • Schools are to register online for the competition (Only schools that registered online shall be eligible to participate)
  • Schools are advised to register with the official school email address. Schools without an official email address are advised to open one.
  • Schools are to fill all the compulsory fields before submission.
  • Each school is to register two (2) Students for the competition. We advise schools to exclude SS3 students as they would have graduated before the grand finale.
  • Two (students) participants shall be allowed to sit for the competition from each school, and a school is expected to come to the competition with ONLY Two (2) students.
  • No participant shall be allowed to sit for the competition with any writing material. Writing materials needed shall be provided.
  • Any form of cheating or fraudulent act that could be construed as malpractice shall NOT be tolerated.
  • Any student that deliberately switched off their system shall be automatically disqualified.
  • Any school that presents students other than the two students initially registered, for the competition shall be disqualified.
  • There is NO provision for bonus marks on failed questions since the quiz would be Computer Based Test (CBT).
  • No movement is allowed once the competition starts.
  • Once the allotted time for the quiz has elapsed, the scores would be projected and schools that qualify for the next round would be announced.
  • There is NO room for substitution of contestants, only the two registered students shall represent the school.
  • Failure to keep to any of these rules will lead to instant disqualification of any erring school.


  • Round One
  • Round Two
  • Semi-Final (Six schools each from the 3 Senatorial Districts will qualify to this round)
  • Grand Finale (Two schools each from the 3 Senatorial Districts will make it to the final)


  • Round One and Round Two shall be held the same day, at the same location per Senatorial District.
  • The quiz shall be Computer Based Test (CBT), a computer will be provided for each school.
  • There shall be 50 Multiple Choice Questions (each correctly answered attracts 2 marks).
  • Schools shall be divided into leagues and each league lasts for 30 minutes.
  • No movement is allowed once the competition starts.


  • The Semi-Final and Final shall be physical and there shall be Three (3) Rounds.
  • ROUND 1 – Multiple Choice Questions (Each correctly answered attracts 3 marks)
  • ROUND 2 – Direct Questions (Each correctly answered attracts 5 marks)
  • ROUND 3 – German Questions (Each correctly answered attracts 4 marks)
  • In each round, there shall be 40 questions from which the contestants are expected to pick.
  • Each contesting school shall be answering 5 questions in each round.
  • There shall be a 3-minute break after each round.
  • In the event that two or more contestants tie, there shall be tie-break questions to make allowance for the emergence of a winner.
  • The quiz questions shall be displayed through an overhead projector and shall be read out audibly with the aid of a sound system.
  • Each school shall have ten seconds to respond to each question before the bell goes.

Please contact KW-IRS 07006959477 or 08035106618.

For further enquiries and clarifications, you are free to visit taxclub website for information, updates regarding the competition and follow our social media handles Facebook: @KwaraIRS; Twitter: IG:
We look forward to another exciting and pleasant competition in 2023.