Rules of the Competition

The Competition is Divided into Three (3) Rounds

• ROUND 1 – Multiple Choice Questions (Each correctly answered attracts 3 marks)
• ROUND 2 – Direct Questions (Each correctly answered attracts 5 marks)
• ROUND 3 – German Questions (Each correctly answered attracts 4 marks)

1. In each round, there will be 40 questions from which the contestants are expected to pick. Each contesting school will be answering 5 questions in each round.
2.  There will be a 3-minute break after each round.
3.  There is NO provision for bonus mark on questions failed.
4.  No movement is allowed once the competition starts.
5. Schools are allowed to substitute contestants at the end of each round. However, only one substitution is allowed per round.
6. In the event that two or more contestants tie, there will be tie-break questions to make allowance for the emergence of a winner.
7. Two (students) participants shall be allowed to sit for the competition from each school, and a school is expected to come to the competition with a MAXIMUM OF FIVE (5) STUDENTS to allow for substitution and cheering of those sitting for the competition.
8. No participant is allowed to sit for the competition with any material. The materials needed (such as writing materials) shall be provided.
9. The Quiz Master reserves the right to discretionary award what he considers appropriate mark if a question is not fully answered.
10. No form of cheating or act that looks like cheating will be tolerated.
11. Failure to keep to any of these rules will lead to instant disqualification of any erring school.
The quiz questions shall be displayed through an over-head projector and shall be read out audibly with a microphone. Each school will have ten seconds to respond to each question before the bell goes.
It should however be noted that only One (1) school will qualify from each league to the Quarter Finals of the Competition.
Also attached to this letter is the progression route for the competition which gives the details of how the competition will move from each stage to the final.
Prizes to be won are:
* Schools’ Category
– FIRST 5,000,000
– SECOND 2,000,000
– THIRD 1,000,000
* Students’ Category
– FIRST – 250,000
– SECOND- 150,000
– THIRD- 100,000
* Teachers’ Category
– FIRST- 150,000
– SECOND- 100,000
– THIRD- 50,000
Please contact KW-IRS on 0706 386 9525 or 0813 613 5422 for further enquiries and clarifications. Also, be free to visit for information updates regarding the competition.
We look forward to another exciting and pleasant competition in 2018.